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Who are WE? ABOUT US

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Our Mission


Offer our clients a service with excellence, satisfaction and integrity. This paired with our high quality standards, will surely meet and exceed any expectations. At ALME we are an Eco-Friendly company by using biodegradable products to our environmental footprint to a minimum.


Be an industry leader by always improving techniques and methods by only using the best quality eco friendly products.








Detail Oriented

ALME was founded in Vancouver in 2012, It was created with the sole purpose to put the client first and to provide a different approach to cleaning. Specialized professional cleaning using only the best products on the market.


We pride ourselves on being socially conscious and always keeping the environment as a top priority. We achieve this by only using eco-friendly and biodegradable products.


At ALME were not your average cleaning company. Although we still use some traditional tools of the trade like a mop and bucket, our day to day tools have evolved to keep up with the latest technological trends. 


Some of the tools and machines we use are:

All of which do not pollute in any way and the noise decibel levels are way below the regulated standard, always keeping our clients first.


On our first visit, Our staff will always do a detailed analysis of what services we recommend and take into account the needs of the client to build a unique custom package.

Working with ALME, is cleaning services on auto pilot.

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